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Se Préparer

at Arcadia Contemporary

Opens May 9th, 2024

Montana-based painter Richie Carter has spent the last six years traveling to Paris, staying in the same apartment for a month at a time. His upcoming solo show at Arcadia Contemporary in New York City showcases a new series of paintings inspired by his experiences in the French capital. Richie finds inspiration in the everyday scenes of Parisian life, particularly in the apartment buildings and rooftops that populate the cityscape.

The exhibition, titled "Se Préparer," is made up of twenty two new pieces that reflects Richie's process of preparing himself artistically through his observations and interpretations of Parisian life. Through his paintings, Carter invites viewers to experience the beauty and complexity of Paris through his eyes, capturing the essence of the city in different seasons and lighting conditions. His exploration of familiar subjects over time reflects a deep connection to his craft and the ever-changing nature of artistic expression.

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